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This is the most fundamental and necessary type of session the Pelota trainers offer.  It is appropriate for male and female players of all abilities (rec to pro), aged six years and older, and addresses the crucial elements of technique - first touch, dribbling, passing, receiving, shooting/finishing, and heading.  Players are guaranteed at least 3000 touches on the ball.

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When doing private sessions, Pelota firmly believes that the maximum ratio for optimal player benefit is 2:1.  This type of session is perfect for players who train better with a friend or teammate who, along with their Pelota trainer, can motivate and push them to be their best.  Appropriate for female and male players of all ages and playing abilities.  Players should be of comparable ability when signing up together for this session.

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This position-specific private session is the most advanced and intense of the sessions offered by the trainers at Pelota.  Male and female players aspiring to play at the highest level at club or in high school, in college, or beyond will benefit from exact techniques on the ball and athletic movements that are required of their specific position - including center backs, outside backs, center midfielders, wingers, and forwards.

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Attention coaches and club directors!
We also provide the opportunity for teams to experience the Pelota Way in a group setting.  This is not your usual team technical training!  Every player will be on the ball for the entirety of the 60 minutes - no lines, no waiting, no standing around.  Depending on the needs of the team, 2-3 qualified Pelota trainers will implement our curriculum and philosophy and provide the same intensive and technique-focused environment as our private sessions.
Call or e-mail to create a team-specific schedule that works for you and your team's families.
Attention club directors!
Want to give all players in your club access to the opportunities provided in our private sessions?  We offer club-wide packages and will work with club directors to create a schedule that works for your club to implement the Pelota Way in sessions that include all of your teams.  Think "team technical training" but on a club-wide scale - 2 to 3 trainers per team with each player on the ball for the entirety of the 60 minute session.
Call or e-mail to design your club's specific Pelota Way training - packages will be tailor-made to fit the needs of each club.